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Paperback book listings.
All the books listed are first U.K. paperback printings by the publisher specified in the description, unless otherwise stated.
Customers are asked to pay C.W.O. (pre-pay orders). We operate a policy of posting book orders out the same day as cheque/payment arrives.
Please email for a quote on postage for orders. Postage on single items is 75p for the first item, then 50p each further item. Postage is free on U.K. orders of 8 or more items. Oversea postage will be quoted upon request.
I can only accept cheques and Money Orders payable on a British bank. PAYPAL.COM. I can recommend to anyone wanting to securely and easily pay transfer funds using current accounts, debit & credit cards.
Simply e-mail a request about postage - I'll then weigh the items and inform of postal rates in my reply, and if requested, will give further details about the books.
SURFACE MAIL: Europe 14 - 30 days. Outside Europe: please allow 2 - 8 weeks for delivery.
AIRMAIL Worldwide: please allow up to 4- 10 days for delivery.
If you are ordering by post, please give details of delivery address to ensure minimum delay in our posting orders out.

    Condition of books.
Books listed that are described as VG are mostly unused copies, or lightly read copies. JPEG images can be supplied if required.
(VG, nrVG ,VG- , G+, GOOD, (FAIR, RC (reading copies)) is the scale, good to worse, used to describe books showing signs of wear.
Returns Books found to be ill-described, can be returned within 14 days of good(s) arriving for a full refund, including return postage. In such cases email (address below) to notify of any such problems before returning goods.

Second-hand books for sale, via mail order from our online bookstore. A printed version of our book sales catalogue is also available on request.
The website listings contain literature, secondhand books, old books, vintage paperbacks, thrillers, crime, horror, most paperback books / softcover books, fantasy & sci-fi, science-fiction, out-of-print books, authors of best-selling fiction, used books for sale, out of print books, second hand books. This website can be found using the following keywords: book, book store, book buy online, book online, book used, book worm, entertainment book, book online store, book half price, book cheap, book on line, out of print book, book discount, book fiction, authors, books, vintage paperbacks, book buying, old books, paperback books, fiction, book catalogues, used books, second hand books, bookseller, book seller, bookstores
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C. Northcote Parkinson books
C.E. Montague books
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C.H.B. Kitchin books
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C.J. Sansom books
C.M. Kornbluth books
C.P. Snow books
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C.S. Lewis books
C.V. Wedgwood books
Cal Paton books
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Chris Nickson books
Chris Ryan books
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Christina Dodwell books
Christina Stead books
Christine Pullein-Thompson books
Christine Sparks books
Christopher Black books
Christopher Davis books
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Christopher Hope books
Christopher Isherwood books
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Christopher Morris books
Christopher Priest books
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Colin Dann books
Colin Dexter books
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Colin Thubron books
Colin Watson books
Colin Wilson books
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Colm Toibin books
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Constantine Fitzgibbon books
Cordwainer Smith books
Cormac McCarthy books
Cornelius Ryan books
Corrie ten Boom books
Craig Charles books
Craig Shaw Gardner books
Craig Thomas books
Curt Siodmak books
Cynthia Freeman books
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles books
Cyril Abraham books
D.E. Stevenson books
D.E. Strevenson books
D.H. Lawrence books
D.J. West books
D.M. Thomas books
D.Stark s Murray books
Dale Brown books
Damon Knight books
Damon Knight books
Damon Runyon books
Dan Brown books
Dan Jacobson books
Dan Morgan books
Dan Parkinson books
Dan Streib books
Dane Hartman books
Daniel Defoe books
Danielle Steel books
Dante books
Daoma Winston books
Daphne Maurier books
Darcy O'Brien books
Darren Shan books
Dashiell Hammett books
Dave Morris books
David A. Yallop books
David Almond books
David Baldacci books
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David Martin books
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David Owen books
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David Renwick books
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David Tant books
David Taylor books
David Thomson books
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David Wilson books
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David Wingrove books
David Wishart books
David Yallop books
Day Keene books
Debbie Macomber books
Deborah Chiel books
Deborah Moggach books
Dee Brown books
Dee Williams books
Dell Shannon books
Denis Diderot books
Denise Robins books
Dennis Potter books
Dennis Wheatley books
Denys Parsons books
Derek Lambert books
Derek Marlowe books
Derek Tangye books
Derek Walcott books
Dermot Bolger books
Derrick Nabarro books
Dervla Murphy books
Desmond Bagley books
Desmond Cory books
Desmond Hogan books
Desmond Lowden books
Desmond Morris books
Desmond Reid books
Diana Dors books
Diana Pullein-Thompson books
Diane Carey books
Dick Francis books
Dick King-Smith books
Dik Browne books
Dinah Lampitt books
Dirk Bogarde books
Discovering CATHEDRALS books
Discovering OLD BUTTONS books
Dodie Smith books
Don Betterridge books
Don DeLillo books
Don Mosey books
Don Pendelton books
Don Pendleton books
Don Webb books
Donald Cotton books
Donald E. Westlake books
Donald Hamilton books
Donald Hamilton-Hill books
Donald Mackenzie books
Donald Sinden books
Donna Leon books
Doris Leslie books
Doris Lessing books
Doris Stokes books
Dornford Yates books
Dorothy Dunnett books
Dorothy Eden books
Dorothy Koomson books
Dorothy L. Sayers books
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Dorothy s Woodman books
Dorothy Simpson books
Doug Naylor books
Douglas Adams books
Douglas Enefer books
Douglas Hurd books
Douglas Reeman books
Douglas Thompson books
Dr.Robert Clifford books
Duane W. Rimel books
Dudley Pope books
Duncan Harding books
Duncan Kyle books
Dwight Steward books
Dylan Thomas books
E. Nesbit books
E.Annie Proulx books
E.Arnot Robertson books
E.B. s Uvarov books
E.C. Tubb books
E.C.R. Taylor books
E.E.'Doc' Smith books
E.F. Benson books
E.G. Boulenger books
E.H. Young books
E.J. Gray books
E.L. Doctorow books
E.M. Corder books
E.M. Delafield books
E.M. Forster books
E.N. Williams books
E.N.da Andrade books
E.R. Braithwaite books
E.R. Eddison books
E.V. Cunningham books
E.V. Thompson books
E.X. Ferrars books
Eamon Dunphy books
Earl Derr Biggers books
Ed McBain books
Ed Naha books
Edgar Allan Poe books
Edgar Box books
Edgar Pangborn books
Edgar Rice Burroughs books
Edgar Wallace books
Edith Pargeter books
Edith Sitwell books
Edith Wharton books
Edmond Hamilton books
Edmund Cooper books
Edmund Crispin books
Edmund White books
Edmund Wilson books
Edna O'Brien books
Edward Blishen books
Edward Bono books
Edward D. Hoch books
Edward Glover books
Edward Gorman books
Edward J. Dent books
Edward L. Beach books
Edward Lear books
Edward Marston books
Edward Packard books
Edward S. Aarons books
Eileen Lottman books
Eilis Dillon books
Elia Kazan books
Elie Halevy books
Elinor M. Brent-Dyer books
Elisabeth Beresford books
Elizabeth Arnim books
Elizabeth Bowen books
Elizabeth Daly books
Elizabeth Ferrars books
Elizabeth Gaskell books
Elizabeth George books
Elizabeth Goudge books
Elizabeth H. Boyer books
Elizabeth Harrison books
Elizabeth Jane Howard books
Elizabeth Lemarchand books
Elizabeth Palmer books
Elizabeth Peters books
Elizabeth Taylor books
Elizabeth West books
Ellen Gilchrist books
Ellen Kushner books
Ellery Queen books
Elleston Trevor books
Ellis Peters books
Elmore Leonard books
Elspeth Huxley books
Elwyn Jones books
Elyne Mitchell books
Emerson Dodge books
Emile Zola books
Emily Bronte books
Emma Cave books
Emma Lathen books
Emma Tennant books
Emyr Humphreys books
Enid Bagnold books
Enid Blyton books
Eoin Colfer books
Eric Ambler books
Eric Blom books
Eric Dominy books
Eric Eccletone books
Eric Frank Russell books
Eric Linklater books
Eric Lustbader books
Eric Mare books
Eric Newby books
Eric Saward books
Eric Williams books
Erica Jong books
Erich Maria Remarque books
Erle Stanley Gardner books
Ernest H. Shepard books
Ernest Hemingway books
Ernest K. Gann books
Ernest Tidyman books
Erskine Caldwell books
Erskine Childers books
Esther Freud books
Ethel Mannin books
Ethlie Ann Vare books
Eugene O'Neill books
Euripides books
Eva Ibbotson books
Eva McDonald books
Evan Hunter books
Evan Richards books
Evelyn Anthony books
Evelyn Waugh books
F.G. Cockman books
F.M. Busby books
F.Scott Fitzgerald books
F.Tennyson Jesse books
Fay Weldon books
Felicity Douglas books
Felix Trigg books
Ferdia Mac Anna books
Fergus Cashin books
Fernando Henriques books
Ffyona Campbell books
Fiona Richmond books
Fiona Walker books
Flann O'Brien books
Flaubert books
Flora Thompson books
Forbes Bramble books
Ford Madox Ford books
Forrest Carter books
Forrest Wilson books
Frances Fyfield books
Frances Hodgson Burnett books
Frances Parkinson Keyes books
Francis Clifford books
Francis Iles books
Francis King books
Francis Lyall books
Francis Parkinson Keyes books
Francis Pollini books
Francoise Sagan books
Frank B Kane books
Frank Belknap Long books
Frank Delaney books
Frank Edwards books
Frank G. Slaughter books
Frank Gruber books
Frank Herbert books
Frank Kane books
Frank Muir books
Frank O'Connor books
Frank Parrish books
Frank Richards books
Frank Swinnerton books
Frank Swinnertron books
Frank Waldman books
Frank Yerby books
Franklin W. Dixon books
Franz Kafka books
Fred Hoyle books
Fred Saberhagen books
Fred Taylor books
Fred Trueman books
Frederic Mullally books
Frederic Raphael books
Frederick E. Smith books
Frederick Forsyth books
Frederick H. Christian books
Frederick Nolan books
Frederick Pohl books
Fredric Brown books
Freya North books
Freya Stark books
Friedrich Nietzsche books
Fritz Leiber books
Fyodor Dostoyevsky books
G.A. Henty books
G.B. Stern books
G.D.H. Cole books
G.E.Pallant Sidaway books
G.F. Newman books
G.K. Chesterton books
G.M. Trevelyan books
G.T. Garratt books
Gabriel Chevallier books
Gabriel Garcia Marquez books
Gardner F. Fox books
Gareth Edwards books
Gareth Roberts books
Garrison Keillor books
Garry Kilworth books
Gary Brander books
Gaston Leroux books
Gavin Lambert books
Gavin Lyall books
Gavin Maxwell books
Geary Gravel books
Gene Roddenberry books
Gene Wolfe books
Genevieve Murphy books
Geoff Boycott books
Geoff McQueen books
Geoffrey Best books
Geoffrey Jenkins books
Geoffrey Marsh books
Geoffrey Moorhouse books
Geoffrey Trease books
George Alec Effinger books
George and Weedon Grossmith books
George Bagby books
George Bernard Shaw books
George C. Chesbro books
George Carpozi Jr. books
George Eliot books
George G. Gilman books
George Gipe books
George Gissing books
George Lucas books
George MacBeth books
George MacDonald Fraser books
George Mackay Brown books
George Melly books
George Meredith books
George Mikes books
George Moore books
George Orwell books
George R.R. Martin books
George Rude books
George Sava books
George Savage books
George Tremlett books
George V. Higgins books
George Zebrowski books
Georges Simenon books
Georgette Heyer books
Georgie Henschel books
Gerald A. Browne books
Gerald Abrahams books
Gerald Astor books
Gerald Cole books
Gerald Durrell books
Gerald Hanley books
Gerald Seymour books
Gerard Macdonald books
Gerry Davis books
Gertrude Stein books
Gil North books
Gillian Baxter books
Gillian Cross books
Gillian Linscott books
Giovanni Guareschi books
Gladys Mitchell books
Goethe books
Gordon Ashe books
Gordon Hill books
Gordon McGill books
Gordon R. Dickson books
Gore Vidal books
Grace Metalious books
Graham Greene books
Graham Hill books
Graham Masterton books
Graham Staplehurst books
Graham Swift books
Greg Bear books
Gregory Benford books
Gregory McDonald books
Groucho Marx books
GUNS books
Gunter Grass books
Guy Bellamy books
Guy Maupassant books
Guy Ritchie books
Gwen Raverat books
Gwendoline Butler books
Gyles Brandreth books
H. Golombek books
H.B. Gilmour books
H.E. Bates books
H.G. Wells books
H.H. Kirst books
H.J. Eysenck books
H.R. Trevor-Roper books
H.R.F. Keating books
H.Rider Haggard books
H.V. Kershaw books
Hal Clement books
Hammond Innes books
Hampton Stone books
Han Suyin books
Hanif Kureishi books
Hank Janson books
Hank Stine books
Hannah Hauxwell books
Hans Habe books
Harlan Coben books
Harlan Ellison books
Harlen Coben books
Harold Pinter books
Harold Robbins books
Harrison Arnston books
Harry Cole books
Harry Edgington books
Harry Harrison books
Harry Hossent books
Harry Kemelman books
Harry Patterson books
Harry Secombe books
Harry Turtledove books
Harry Whittington books
Hazel Holt books
Heather Fisher books
Heinrich Boll books
Heinz Konsalik books
Helen Cresswell books
Helen Dore Boylston books
Helen Dunmore books
Helen Fielding books
Helen Forrester books
Helen MacInnes books
Helen McCloy books
Helen Reilly books
Helen Simpson books
Helene Hanff books
Henning Mankell books
Henrik Ibsen books
Henry Cecil books
Henry Cooper books
Henry Denker books
Henry Farrell books
Henry Fielding books
Henry Handel Richardson books
Henry James books
Henry Kane books
Henry Kuttner books
Henry Miller books
Henry Root books
Henry Sleasor books
Henry Treece books
Henry Williamson books
Herbert Kastle books
Herman Melville books
Herman Wouk books
Hermann Hesse books
Heywood Gould books
Hilaire Belloc books
Hilary Bailey books
Hilary Kingsley books
Hilary Mantel books
Hilary Mantle books
Hilary Stebbing books
Hilda Lawrence books
Hilda Richards books
Hillary Waugh books
Hocken Sheila books
Holly Roth books
Homer books
Honore de Balzac books
Horace s Alexander books
Howard Fast books
Howard Jacobson books
Howard Spring books
Howard Weinstein books
Hubert Phillips books
Hugh Barron books
Hugh C. Rae books
Hugh Cook books
Hugh J. Schonfield books
Hugh Lofting books
Hugh Massingham books
Hugh Miller books
Hugh Nicol books
Hugh Pentecost books
Hugh Travers books
Hugh Venables books
Hugh Walpole books
Hulbert Phillips books
Hunter Davies books
Hunter S. Thompson books
Iain Banks books
Iain M. Banks books
Ian Botham books
Ian Don books
Ian Fleming books
Ian Kennedy Martin books
Ian MacKintosh books
Ian Marter books
Ian McEwan books
Ian Pattison books
Ian Rankin books
Ian Watson books
Ibsen books
Iolo A. Willaims books
Ira Levin books
Iris Murdoch books
Irvine Welsh books
Irving A. Greenfield books
Irving Stone books
Irving Wallace books
Irwin Shaw books
Isaac Asimov books
Isaac Bashevis Singer books
Isabel Allende books
Isak Dinesen books
Isobel Colegate books
Italo Calvino books
Ivan Turgenev books
Ivor B.N. Evans books
Ivy Compton-Burnett books
J.A. Jance books
J.B. Priestley books
J.D. Reed books
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