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BONES OF THE HILLS .Harper 2009 (550pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

EMPEROR: THE BLOOD OF GODS .Harper 2013 (498pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

EMPEROR: THE DEATH OF THE KINGS .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (677pp) .VG .£5.50
EMPEROR: THE FIELD OF SWORDS .HarperCollins 2005 (654pp) .VG .£6.50
EMPEROR: THE GATES OF ROME .HarperCollins 2003 (622pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.50

EMPEROR: THE GODS OF WAR .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (617pp) .VG .£6.50
LORDS OF THE BOW .Harper rpt.N/D (536pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£6.50

WARS OF THE ROSES: TRINITY .Penguin 2015 (548pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.50

WOLF OF THE PLAINS .Harper rpt.N/D (578pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£6.50

Spare copies of the above titles are listed below.
Conn Iggulden paperback books for sale.

BONES OF THE HILLS .Harper 2009 (550pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50