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ACT OF WAR .HarperCollins 2006 (496pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

. .HarperCollins 2004 (564pp) .VIEW IMAGES .sl corner-crease to rear cover, o/w VG .£5.50

BATTLE BORN .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (559pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

DAY OF THE CHEETAH .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (654pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

EDGE OF BATTLE .Harper 2007 (534pp) .VG .£5.50
FATAL TERRAIN .HarperCollins 1998 (620pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.50

. .HarperCollins 1993 (652pp) .VIEW IMAGES .sl corner-crease, o/w VG .£5.50

PLAN OF ATTACK .HarperCollins 2005 (508pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

SHADOW COMMAND .Harper 2009 (456pp) .VG .£6.50
SHADOWS OF STEEL .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (366pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

SKY MASTERS .Grafton 1992 (510pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

STORMING HEAVEN .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (492pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE TIN MAN .HarperCollins 1999 (435pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

WARRIOR CLASS .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (568pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

WINGS OF FIRE .HarperCollins 2003 (494pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

(Dale Brown & Jim Defelice)
DREAMLAND .HarperCollins 2001 (375pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

DREAMLAND: ARMAGEDDON .HarperCollins 2005 (458pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

DREAMLAND: END GAME .Harper 2006 (516pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

DREAMLAND: NERVE CENTRE .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (484pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

DREAMLAND: PIRANHA .HarperCollins 2003 (488pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

DREAMLAND: RAZOR'S EDGE .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (506pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

DREAMLAND: STRIKE ZONE .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (457pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

Spare copies of the above titles are listed below.
Dale Brown paperback books for sale.
Email: gareth@gdprice.com

DAY OF THE CHEETAH .Grafton 1990 (656pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

NIGHT OF THE HAWK .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (652pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

PLAN OF ATTACK .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (508pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

PLAN OF ATTACK .HarperCollins 2005 (508pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

SKY MASTERS .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (510pp) .VG .£5.50
THE TIN MAN .Grafton 1999 (435pp) .VG .£5.50
WINGS OF FIRE .HarperCollins 2003 (494pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50