Eric Van Lustbader books for sale (paperbacks)

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ANGEL EYES .HarperCollins 1992 (667pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .sl crease-mk, o/w VG .£5.50

BENEATH AN OPAL MOON .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (320pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

BLACK BLADE .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (670pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.50

BLACK HEART .Granada 1983 (764pp) .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£5.50

DAI-SAN .Grafton rpt.1990 (398pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

DARK HOMECOMING .HarperCollins 1998 (482pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

FLOATING CITY .HarperCollins 1995 (570pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .crease to cover, Good .£5.50

JIAN .Grafton rpt.1989 (700pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£6.50

SHALLOWS OF NIGHT .HarperCollins 1993 .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

SHAN .Grafton 1987 (656pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

SIRENS .Granada 1981 (592pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .sl spine-rubbing, VG .£5.50

TAI-PAN .Coronet rpt.1976 .VG .£3.00 or $4.75
THE KAISHO .Grafton rpt.N/D (622pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£6.50

THE NINJA .HarperCollins 1995 (526pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.50

THE SUNSET WARRIOR .Star rpt.1985 .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£2.50 or $3.95

WHITE NINJA .Grafton rpt.N/D (640pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

ZERO .Grafton 1988 (556pp) .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£5.50

Spare copies of the above titles are listed below.
Eric Van Lustbader paperback books for sale.

BLACK HEART .Grafton rpt.1988 .VG .£4.50 or $7.15
DAI-SAN .Grafton 1988 (398pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

FLOATING CITY .HarperCollins 1995 (570pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£6.50


SIRENS .Grafton rpt.1989 .VG (592pp) .£5.50
THE NINJA .HarperCollins 1995 (526pp) .VIEW IMAGES .sl corner-crease, o/w VG .£5.50

THE SUNSET WARRIOR .Grafton rpt.1989 .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£3.50 or $5.55

THE SUNSET WARRIOR .HarperCollins 1993 .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£3.00 or $4.75

WHITE NINJA .Grafton 1991 (640pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.50

ZERO .Grafton 1988 (556pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

ZERO .Grafton 1988 (556pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .Good .£5.50