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A LINE IN THE SAND .Corgi 2000 (510pp) .VG .£6.50
A SONG IN THE MORNING .Corgi 1999 (440pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

AT CLOSE QUARTERS .Fontana rpt.N/D (418pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

ARCHANGEL .Fontana rpt.1984 (348pp) .VIEW IMAGES .sm tear inside, VG .£5.50

CONDITION BLACK .Fontana 1992 (442pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

FIELD OF BLOOD .Fontana rpt.N/D (352pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

HARRY'S GAME .Berkley (US) 1987 .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£4.00 or $6.35

HOLDING THE ZERO .Corgi 2001 (524pp) .VG .£5.50
HOME RUN .Fontana 1990 (432pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

IN HONOUR BOUND .Fontana rpt.N/D (350pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

KILLING GROUND .Corgi rpt.1998 (572pp) .VG .£5.50
KINGFISHER .Fontana rpt.1982 .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£4.50 or $7.15

RAT RUN .Corgi 2006 (576pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

RED FOX .Fontana rpt.1990 .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£4.50 or $7.15

THE COLLABORATOR .Hodder 2010 (538pp) .VG .£5.50
THE CONTRACT .Fontana rpt.1987 (346pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE FIGHTING MAN .HarperCollins rpt.N/D (590pp) .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£5.50

THE GLORY BOYS .Fontana rpt.1987 .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.00

. .HarperCollins 19?? (506pp) .VIEW IMAGES .lacks titlepages, Good .£5.50

THE JOURNEYMAN TAILOR .Fontana 1993 (432pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .nrVG .£5.50

THE WAITING TIME .Corgi 1999 (458pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE WALKING DEAD .Corgi 2007 (558pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£6.50

TRAITOR'S KISS .Corgi rpt.N/D (540pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

Spare copies of the above titles are listed below.
Gerald Seymour paperback books for sale.

A SONG IN THE MORNING .Fontana 1987 (364pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

A SONG IN THE MORNING .Fontana rpt.N/D (364pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

ARCHANGEL .Fontana rpt.1989 (348pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

ARCHANGEL .Fontana 1983 (348pp) .VG .£5.50
AT CLOSE QUARTERS .Fontana rpt.N/D (418pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

HOME RUN .Fontana 1990 (432pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

KINGFISHER .Fontana rpt.1990 (314pp) .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£5.50

KINGFISHER .Fontana rpt.1990 (314pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

RAT RUN .Corgi 2006 (576pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE CONTRACT .Fontana rpt.N/D (346pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE FIGHTING MAN .Harper rpt.N/D (506pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE FIGHTING MAN .Harper rpt.1994 (590pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE GLORY BOYS .Fontana 1977 .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£3.00 or $4.75

THE HEART OF DANGER .HarperCollins 1995 (506pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE JOURNEYMAN TAILOR .Fontana 1993 (432pp) .VIEW IMAGES .corner crease, nrVG .£5.50

TRAITOR'S KISS .Corgi 2004 (540pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50