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A PAINTED HOUSE .Arrow rpt.N/D (466pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

A TIME TO KILL .Arrow rpt.N/D (514pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

BLEACHERS .Arrow 2004 .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£4.50 or $7.15

FORD COUNTY. Stories .Arrow 2010 (344pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

PLAYING FOR PIZZA .Arrow rpt.N/D (323pp) .VG .£5.50
THE APPEAL .Arrow rpt.N/D (499pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE ASSOCIATE .Arrow 2009 (485pp) .VG .£5.50
THE BRETHREN .Arrow rpt.2000 (440pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE BROKER .Arrow rpt.N/D (466pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .Good .£5.50

THE CHAMBER .Arrow rpt.1994 .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£3.50 or $5.55

THE CLIENT .Arrow rpt.N/D (488pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE FIRM (Film tie-in) .Arrow rpt.N/D (420pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE INNOCENT MAN (non-fiction) .Arrow 2007 (Photos, 501pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE KING OF TORTS .Arrow rpt.N/D .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£4.00 or $6.35

. .Arrow 2004 (506pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .corner-clipped half-titlepage, o/w VG .£5.50

THE LITIGATORS .Arrow rpt.N/D (436pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE PARTNER .Arrow rpt.1997 (408pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .Good .£5.50

THE PELICAN BRIEF .Arrow rpt.1993 (370pp) .VG .£5.50
THE RACKETEER .Hodder 2013 (386pp) .VG .£5.50
THE RAIN MAKER .Arrow 1995 .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE RUNAWAY JURY (Film tie-in) .Arrow 2004 (484pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE STREET LAWYER .Arrow 1998 (362pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE SUMMONS .Arrow rpt.N/D (391pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE TESTAMENT .Arrow rpt.N/D (472pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE CLIENT (Tommy Lee Jones) .Arrow 1993 .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£3.50 or $5.55

THE FIRM (Tom Cruise) .Arrow rpt.1993 (500pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE PELICAN BRIEF (Julia Roberts) .Dell (US) rpt.N/D (434pp) .VG .£5.50
Spare copies of the above titles are listed below.
John Grisham paperback books for sale.

A TIME TO KILL .Arrow rpt.N/D (514pp) .VIEW IMAGES .sm scuff-mark, o/w VG .£5.50

THE BRETHREN .Arrow 2000 (440pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE BRETHREN .Arrow 2000 (440pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE CHAMBER .Arrow rpt.1994 .nrVG .£3.50 or $5.55
THE CHAMBER .Arrow rpt.1994 .stamp-mark inside, VG .£4.00 or $6.35
THE KING OF TORTS .Arrow 2003 (490pp) .SEE COVER-SCANS .VG .£5.50

THE RUNAWAY JURY (Film tie-in) .Arrow rpt.N/D (484pp) .VIEW IMAGES .VG .£5.50

THE FIRM (Tom Cruise) .Arrow rpt.1991 (500pp) .VIEW IMAGES .Good .£5.50